SlaXBMC 14.2 is released

YES IT IS TRUE! The wait is officially over....and without further ado let me introduce you our latest creation

SlaXBMC 14.2

Yeap you've read it right. With the dawn of a sparkling new Slackware release and the evolution of our favorite multimedia application (XBMC) into the refined open source Home Theater software named KODI we are back with another SlaXBMC release powered by Slackware 14.2 and KODI 16.1 'Jarvis'.

SlaXBMC 14.2 comes in three flavors and a Raspberry Pi twist }:)
  • x86 or otherwise known as 32bit, using Linux kernel 4.4.19
  • x86_64 or otherwise known as 64bit, using Linux kernel 4.4.19
  • ARM supporting the Raspberry Pi 1 (A, A+, B, B+) hardware, using Linux kernel 4.4.21
  • ARM supporting the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 hardware, using Linux kernel 4.4.21
As per the SlaXBMC tradition the installer allows the generation of two (out of the box) setup profiles (Minimal, Developer) where both upon completion provide a machine booting directly into KODI Jarvis and still maintain the capability to get back into the Desktop when exiting KODI. The footprint of the SlaXBMC Linux filesystem for each profile is as follows:
  • x86 - Developer < 4.2 GB
  • x86 - Minimal < 2.8 GB
  • x86_64 - Developer < 4.2 GB
  • x86_64 - Minimal < 2.8 GB
  • ARM RPi1 - Developer < 3.5 GB
  • ARM RPi1 - Minimal < 2.2 GB
  • ARM RPi23 - Developer < 3.5 GB
  • ARM RPi23 - Minimal < 2.2 GB
NOTE: Further improvement on the Minimal profile disk space is possible for those wishing to experiment a little more };) 
All x86* flavors and profiles contain the latest SlackwareSlackwareARM software suite and come Firefox and NetSurf browser ready while the ARM* flavors contain only NetSurf and the usual overclock settings menu!

Last but not least the ISO images of the x86* flavor, pre-built ARM Raspberry Pi 1,2/3 images of both profiles and sources are available on our official SlaXBMC home ( and below.

Distribution ArchitectureDownloadMD5
SlaXBMC (x86)slaxbmc-14.2-install.iso94f359c91ecb6e0079a13e5b82374309
SlaXBMC64 (x86_64)slaxbmc64-14.2-install.iso5ebfb6df721f3d7e037553ec633aff58
SlaXBMCRPi1 (Minimal)slaxbmcrpi1-14.2-minimal.img.xz8e1da91ce38aa350bd4325d3953f3881
SlaXBMCRPi1 (Developer)slaxbmcrpi1-14.2-developer.img.xz999b645133d80222a1e04353490abc11
SlaXBMCRPi23 (Minimal)slaxbmcrpi23-14.2-minimal.img.xza0a6732a6af876ec176caa53f0aa873b
SlaXBMCRPi23 (Developer)slaxbmcrpi23-14.2-developer.img.xzabf63856e3b1e449fa1b7264fb922517


P.S: This will be the last release of SlaXBMC supporting the Raspberry Pi 1 hardware due to the father OS (Slackware ARM) moving to a hard-float built supporting minimum armv7 targets (i.e Raspberry Pi 2 and above)