2.1 Get the required packages

XBMC being such a large scale project depend on a number of third party open source libraries and/or applications in order to operate properly. Unfortunately some of them are not included for various reasons in the official Slackware release and therefore need to be compiled from source in the candidate HTPC system.
The packages under discussion can be accessed and downloaded from their vendor links below:
liba52 (v0.7.4)Download
Avahi (v0.6.28)Download
enca (v1.13)Download
faac (v1.26)Download
faad2 (v2.7)Download
libass (v0.9.6)Download
libdaemon (v0.14)Download
libmicrohttpd (v0.4.6)Download
libmms (v0.6)Download
libmodplug (v0.8.7)Download
libmpeg2 (v0.5.1)Download
libsndfile (v1.0.23)Download
libssh (v0.4.6)Download
lirc (v0.8.7)Download
pulseaudio (v0.9.21)Download
samba (v3.5.6)Download
speex (v1.2rc1)Download
rtmpdump (v2.3)Download
XBMC (v10.1)Download

In addition to the above mentioned packages you will need to download:
  1. The latest version of the NVidia Linux x86/IA32 drivers from here (the foxconn netbox-nt330i has an NVidia ION Chipset)
  2. The OpenGL/VDPAU etc. include files available here (Nvidia remove them from their drivers since version 259.xx.xx)
If you still wonder how you are suppose to download all these files in your HTPC. I can suggest the following two simple solutions:
  1. Download the files in a USB flash drive using similar methodology to the one we use to copy the SlaXBMC tag files on Chapter 1.2; After the "umount" remove it and plug it in the HTPC. On the HTPC this time "mount" the drive again (find the partition table , create the /mnt/pendrive directory etc.) and use the linux "cp" command according to the example below to copy all files from the pendrive to the local system
    DarkStar:~#cp /mnt/pendrive/a52dec-0.7.4.tar.gz /usr/local
  2. Connect your HTPC to your router using a network cable and restart it. After login verify it has acquired a network IP address using the following command
    You should be able to see an IP addres similar to the one shown in red below assigned to your HTPC by your router

    If for any reason you are not assigned an IP address use the following command to request one manually (try also eth1,eth2 and eth3 where eth0 is defined below)
    DarkStar:~#dhcpcd -d eth0

    Start the "links" console based web browser and press the "g" key to get on the address bar window. Then type in slaxbmc.blogspot.com to get to this page where you can start downloading the above mention files directly to your machine

    ** NOTE: Make sure when you get on the Download window to prepend /usr/local/ at the package filename. That is so the files are downloaded directly in the /usr/local folder.

    When you download everything needed quit "links" browser by pressing the "q" button

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