SlaXBMC 14.0 is released!

Ladies and Gentlemen.....that crucial time of the year has come once again;

For those of you who missed the techno-babble on the wires the mothership (a.k.a. Slackware) has landed another great release and yes, believe it or not a mere 0.63 points version increase is all it takes to get a super stable and respectable linux distribution like Slackware 14.0.

Hold on a didn't really think we were going to miss this opportunity to give you another slim Slackware based XBMC multimedia system, now DID YOU?
Ha! I didn't think so....Sooo here we go:

I hereby present you our latest SlaXBMC release version 14.0

It comes in two flavors x86, x86_64 (hopefully Raspberry in the near future) and features vanilla XBMC Eden 11.0.

You will be happy to know this time around we took the extra mile to create two modes of installation:
  • Developer mode (full installation) contain all developer libraries that allow you to compile XBMC related packages (not only!) from source and it requires well under 3.2GB of space.
  • Minimal mode is a menu based installation with the bare minimal packages required to run XBMC pre-selected and that require just under 1.8GB of space (or less if you care to experiment!);
Last but not least I would like to present you the official SlaXBMC home.

Full SlaXBMC x86 and x86_64 installation packages, source code and installation ISO CD/DVD images are available free for download at the link above or if you can't wait at the links below:


Finally I would like to thank TaN for contributing the wonderful desktop wallpapers, Darren 'Tadgy' Austin for our new home and great help on uploading this release, and once again the Slackware linux/GNU community out there for giving us such a great platform to work with.