SlaXBMC 14.1 Gotham 13.2 upgrade

Following up the currently stable XBMC Gotham release cycle we present you the Gotham 13.2 upgrade packages for the currently available SlaXBMC 14.1 flavors x86, x86_64 and ARM (more specific Raspberry Pi)
ArchitecturePackageMD5 Hash
x86 (32bit)xbmc-13.2-i486-1xsb.txz164b009cdffdd91ddf3615a809bf48df
x86 (32bit)libshairport-
x86 (32bit)afpfs-ng-0.8.1-i486-3xsb.txzba80c9f817368cbd6b42da4259e98b2e
x86_64 (64bit)xbmc-13.2-x86_64-1xsb.txz25586916eda56e2817f93828e8ca172e
x86_64 (64bit)libshairport-
x86_64 (64bit)afpfs-ng-0.8.1-x86_64-3xsb.txzf2cb4669764c87adeaa1edd56249d4c1
ARM (Raspberry Pi)xbmc-13.2-arm-1xsb.txz13bb5a10a00d3a07a089671dddbbd84d
ARM (Raspberry Pi)libshairport-
ARM (Raspberry Pi)afpfs-ng-0.8.1-arm-3xsb.txzd715854771b81e562d84ad0bc2510b20
ARM (Raspberry Pi)ffmpeg-1.2-arm-2xsb.txz1d8718b955f82db9f745b16759fa303f

If you have peripherals (keyboard/mouse) connected on your HTPC you can upgrade to the latest XBMC 13.2 as follows:
  • Exit from XBMC to Desktop (via the XBMC power button menu Exit option)
  • Start a console window on the Desktop (try right mouse click -> XTERM or Alt+F1)
  • Download the upgrade packages for your architecture using one of the following (one liner!) commands
    • x86 (32bit)
      wget -c;wget -c;wget -c
    • x86_64 (64bit)
      wget -c;wget -c;wget -c
    • ARM (Raspberry Pi)
      wget -c;wget -c;wget -c;wget -c
  • Apply the upgrade package downloaded earlier and remove it afterwards.
    upgradepkg *.txz; rm *.txz
  • Start-up XBMC Gotham 13.2 from the right mouse click menu or by rebooting your system

If on the other hand you run the HTPC in headless mode then follow the remote access upgrade instructions below:
  • Write down your HTPCs network IP address. That can be found from within XBMC under System -> System Info -> Summary
  • From a second PC/Laptop connected on your network use SSH to connect to your HTPC as follows (if your secondary machine is Win* you can use the freeware PuTTY ssh client):
    ssh [your HTPCs IP here]
    (Login using your set username/password combination)
  • After login, download the upgrade packages for your architecture using one of the following (one liner!) commands
    • x86 (32bit)
      wget -c;wget -c;wget -c
    • x86_64 (64bit)
      wget -c;wget -c;wget -c
    • ARM (Raspberry Pi)
      wget -c;wget -c;wget -c;wget -c
  • Force the running XBMC instance to stop on the GUI
  • Finally apply the upgrade package downloaded earlier, remove it afterwards and reboot the HTPC for the changes to take effect.
    upgradepkg *.txz; rm *.txz; reboot



peebee said...

Thanks for this - the links in the table need a tweak as they still point to the 13.1 version.

Analekto said...

Cheers peebee,

I blame my dyslexic fingers for that, they should all be fixed now ;)