LA7 TV (Italian News Channel) is an Italian television channel which offer in their website pre-recorded video content of their broadcast. The video content is updated on a regular basis; Typically it is uploaded on their website for public view right after the end of the broadcast.

The purpose of this addon is to make this video content available directly to an individuals TV set via XBMC. The only requirement is a Home Theater PC (HTPC) connected to the Internet and running XBMC.

Latest version is 1.0.5
  • Access to the complete weekly online program listings
  • Option to access the Settings page from within the Addon
  • Setting option to enable/disable "Back" button
  • Setting option to enable/disable direct video link retrieval
You can download the latest release from the links below:

FileMD5 Hash

Installation instructions are available on YouTube @
(Linux Users)
(Windows Users)

Please see below a demo video of the add-on in action (slightly different as of v1.0.4):

As usual donations and free clicks are welcome };)


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    You can follow the step by step guide to download video to YouTube, Facebook, Viki,, etc at