ERT GR (National Greek News Channel)

ΕΡΤ.gr is the National Greek television broadcaster which offer in their website live and pre-recorded video content of their broadcast. The video content is updated on a regular basis; Typically it is uploaded on their website for public view right after the end of the broadcast.

The purpose of this addon is to make this video content available directly to an individuals TV set via XBMC. The only requirement is a Home Theater PC (HTPC) connected to the Internet and running XBMC.
NOTE: The addon does not provide access (yet) to special event (live sports predominantly) streams since they are Geo-restricted to Greek IPs

Latest version is 1.1.3 ADDON BROKEN
  • Support  for XBMC Frodo
  • Pagination where available on ΕΡΤ.gr WebTV
  • Access to frequently daily live streaming content (ΕΤ1/NΕΤ/ΕΤ3/Vouli TV)
  • Access to the broadcast News video library archive
  • Access to the broadcast Shows video library archive
  • Access to the broadcast Sports video library archive (currently the streams are inactive but the capability is there should they become active again)
  • Cache of images for fast loading the second time around
  • Settings page can be invoked from within the addon
  • Option to enable/disable thumbnail caching
  • Allow setup of the connection socket timeout
  • Option to enable/disable viewing of the live feed WebTV schedule
  • Option to normalize the schedule listing times to local timezone

You can download the latest release from the links below:

FileMD5 Hash

Installation instructions are available on YouTube @
(Linux Users)
(Windows Users)

Please see below a demo video of the add-on in action:
NOTE: As of version 1.0.3 the main listing breakdown is slightly different to the one shown in the video below due to recent ERT WebTV web-site make over. Please visit the official ΕΡΤ.gr WebTV page to get an idea in detail of what content this addon can offer.

As usual donations and free clicks are welcome };)


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