1.2 Create the Slackware installation USB

Please note, the following process is entirely performed on a Linux box.
  • Start up a console window
    ** NOTE: The command to be executed on your system as pointed out on the following grayed out areas is actually whatever follows the # character; So watch out for those '-bash: DarkStar:blah blah blah: command not found' messages ;)

  • Prepare a mount-point to mount the Slackware DVD (in case there isn't one already available!)
    DarkStar:~#mkdir /mnt/dvd

  • Insert the Official Slackware DVD in the DVD drive and mount it
    DarkStar:~#mount -t auto /dev/sr0 /mnt/dvd
    ** If sr0 does not work experiment using sr1, sr2 etc.

  • Download AlienBOBs usbimg2disk.sh script from the link provided on Chapter 1.1 in /tmp

  • Plug the pen drive on the computer and retrieve its' allocated device name by issuing the command
    You should see a similar output to the one shown below. The required pen drive device name is shown in red circle.

  • Create a bootable USB installation version of Slackware 13.1. Don't forget to replace the sdb device below with the one you have retrieved for your usb pen drive on the previous step
    DarkStar:~#cd /tmp
    DarkStar:/tmp#sh usbimg2disk.sh -f -s /mnt/dvd -o /dev/sdb
    ** If your USB pen drive contain data you don't want to delete remove the "-f" trigger from the previous command
    You should see a similar output to the one shown below at the end of this step.

  • Umount and eject the Slackware DVD
    DarkStar:~#umount /mnt/dvd
    DarkStar:~#eject /dev/sr0

  • Create a mount-point and mount the usb pen drive on the system to gain access to its' data
    DarkStar:~#mkdir /mnt/pendrive
    DarkStar:~#mount -t auto /dev/sdb1 /mnt/pendrive
    ** NOTE: In this command we make use of the pen drive device partition name sdb1 rather than the device table name sdb.

  • Download the SlaXBMC tag files package specified on Chapter 1.1 into /mnt/pendrive and uncompress its' contents
    DarkStar:~#cd /mnt/pendrive
    DarkStar:/mnt/pendrive#tar -zxvf tagfiles.tar.gz

  • Exit the pen drive mount-point and umount the device
    DarkStar:~#umount /mnt/pendrive

Now that we have a bootable Slackware 13.1 x86 installation USB pen drive with the installation tag files we are ready to proceed to the next chapter ;)

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